This is the primary mode of communication in our team. We use Slack for it currently.

Slacking guidelines


  • @channel is used only for super important messages. Use wisely.
  • @here use only when you want those online to see your message.
  • DM people more than tagging them in a channel. Unless the conversation needs to be read by the group.
  • If using threads, @ who ever needs to see it. Always!
  • If someone tagged you in a message. Respond to it. Don't let them feel ignored!
  • Make time to check internal chat everyday and respond to messages.


  • #mv_squad is for all mediwave related queries and posts.
  • #mv_team_general and #general are for formal company wide announcements(both mindwave and mediwave) and posts.
  • #mediwave_leave_permissions is for when you want to tell everyone that you'll be away on leave or doing WFH.
  • If you're unsure where a message should go, feel free to ask.


  • Format for better readability
  • Use markdown
    • lists. we are big fans of lists!
    • breakdown large shunks into smaller blocks
    • bold or italics for emphasis
    • share code snippets in code blocks
    • if the content is huge, make it into an attachment.

Video meets / Meetings

  • Use slack huddles or calls if time needed < 10mins
  • Use if its longer than 10mins. Check the other persons calendar before giving them an invite.
  • Always have cameras ON. Mention explicitly when the meeting starts if you can't do so.
  • Have an agenda written down for meetings longer than 10 mins. This makes meetings quick and to the point.
  • Do not be late for meetings. Mention beforehand, if facing issues.
  • The person who convened the meeting should ensure that the meeting finishes on time.


Email is for formal communication.

  • Always "Reply to all"
  • Have a signature.
  • If in doubt, do not send.
  • Read twice and then read once again before clicking "Send"


  • This is for informal banter. Ex: Planning outings or get-togethers outside working hours.
  • Everyone on the mediwave team would be here.
  • Do not assume or expect anyone to check regularly or respond in a timely manner.

Phone calls

Used when all else fails. If the person you're calling does not answer, be patient. Unless its an emergency.

Call at reasonable hours