Your first day at Mediwave

We use,

  • gmail for all our email needs. You should get a <your-name> when you are onboarded.
  • Wrike for project management.
  • CharlieHR for HR - booking leave, reviews etc.
  • Github for hosting our project source code.
  • Slack for internal communication

Go ahead and setup your accounts with your email id on the above platforms, if they are not already setup.


  • Register for an account with your email address.
  • Choose a username like name-mw. For example, ashish-mw. The -mw is optional :)
  • Add your ssh key to github

    • On ubuntu, run this from your terminal

      $ ssh-keygen -t ed25519 -C ""

    • This will create 2 files - id_ed25519 and in ~/.ssh/.

    • Open ~/.ssh/ in a text editor and copy its content.
    • Go to your settings and click on "New SSH key" button.
    • Paste the content and give it a name like Work laptop.
    • Click "Add SSH key" to save your changes.
  • While you're there, go ahead and setup your profile picture, full name and other account related information.

  • You should get a github org invite for mindwaveventures shortly after.
  • When cloning projects from GH make sure you clone via SSH.

    Clone via SSH


  • This is where most of our internal communication happens.
  • You'd have a slack invite waiting in your email inbox. Accept it and then proceed to setup your account in the browser.
  • Be sure to setup a profile.
  • Install slack on your machine and login


  • This is where things like project documentation, timelines, tasks etc are put.
  • Same as slack, there'd be an invite in your email.
  • Accept it and proceed to setting up your profile in wrike.
  • Have a wrike tab always open in your browser.

Charlie HR

  • You're probably thinking, would there be an invite for this too? You betcha!
  • Reviews, booking holidays, personal documentation - these live here.
  • Setup you profile. Make sure you upload your documents and contact info here.


  • Accept the invite you crazy baka!
  • You have your own personal folder. Upload backups there if need be.
  • Project specific folders would be seen as well. Steer clear, unless you wish to take only a gander :)